My Reptil Heart aches !

Am I changing?
Oh! MY!
I am a reptile heart again!

so dry and empty
aching inside
waiting the victim to love and misguide

My words are gone?
So… i think in how to tear you apart

my heart is hard and insensible?
OH! how do i’ll start?
to kill you first or taste you alive?

Hum! My tongue runs through my lips
and saliva droplets just fall

Just wait darling!

Am i living without a sligth wire of love?
Love , that thing that could makes me more human?

Love that could help me to write again?
With my human  hands back and all the rest?

Am I ?

How you dare!

my first bite will boot up your neck out
and i will lick slowly your blood
absorving your strenght and all your talent
inside your bloodly flesh

Because Green Eyes, after you
I am rythmn in decay

i am meaninglesreptile green eyes
and babbling senseless words
as the crazy women in an asylum

But i am changing my love
and a weak rain falls on me

silver rain at day, troubled waters at night
At Night! At the Bay!
Green Eyes !

As i promissed to my friend and writer The Lonely Author , here i am, Back! Thank you  for the support!


Rage against the Night

Hello my friend
The title of this Poem  would be solely  Rage….

Thinking in Dylan Thomas…. Rage, Rage against the dying of the light

In my case…. against the night

People that are the night itself , that have no sun but darkness inside
dressing up themselves as the sweet dew at morning,,,,
For their entire life

That is primitive … always inside and never evolved…

Primitive to hurt, to discriminate, to shout out, to put their hands around the neck and finally kill someone…

or kill totally within….
To fright … Has something more painful than fright?

Do you know how is it?

An autumn leaf at your last days but raging against the fall…..
stirring up , arousing the courage to fall down

For  be kind or gentle has a massive price
Better kill, easy to kill
thinking that you are the truly tree and never the leaf….

But i am the rage itself
I am my words … that is mine and my only….

No one could claim for yourself what i originally write

or  what  derives from  my grief
Rage on hands and on fingers….
To cast out, to put a spell …  to revenge….
That is your Poetess …

being barbarian but in words and assuming
So bringing Dylan again….

Rage, Rage against the Night!!!!

For all my life…British_Night_Sky

The Old Man

the angry man don’t say one single word
because has no one to hear him
maybe he don’t speak the vow  anymore
and simply gave up….

even the poets don’t remember to write about him
all pens fall in silence
all books are closed
in pages ~unfolding~  in blank

the effect  of so many desires…..

fall down the sheets from the shelf
they fly searching for others hands
to complete itself.. to write the verses
they missed the ink and the wet
needed for remembering

dropping in  autumn ~ as  petals  ~
felled by the indifference

~in response~

not even one sound…
when touching the ground

and as result….

the angry man old
slaughtered by the own silence

Miss Lonely Speak!

“Inspired by: Like a Rolling Stones – Bob Dylan Song”

On our table ~breath~

a big sac of rocks full of tiny drops

full of little and little little rocks

stones  and breath come from the sweat

the beat of cold and heat

you took you coffee and choose one

it can be anyone, any colour~ any story~

to your game of glory!

pick it up again

throw away on the ground

kick the little rock

Now you are tired tired like i used to be

and you know now

that i came back to you through this revenge


~killed me first ~

and on our table ~breath

~ still a big sac full of tinny drops~

and rocks

Letter from a Poet to a diamond earring!

I hope I can answer  your letter correctly because Paul, I do not write more in Portuguese, so wherever you are aware that became his farewell letter in a poem.
So long after his memory had come back to me in prose
And you know I do not like prose.

Simply fell into my hands .

Your letter lies .

Appeared not know where. Perhaps to revive his memory long ago buried. Then in my poor lyrics , will now only my answer to your excuses.

Still dwells here some bruises!

I forgotten you completely. But, since you stubbornly returned I must replies to you. That’s my poem for you.

Letter from a poet to a diamond earring!

you gave me a Diamond Earing

so Beautiful and Bright

that night.

Why  get out with the

tall and blonde woman?

Its all right!

And the manager of Hotel

hold me so tight!

Hope you don’t mind !

And my diamond earing

shone in your room

not  so bright!

Back to the  hotel

you claim for my


I put my mask

and said, yes,

just  throw up on your face

once it  was  two  diamonds


You have to sleep on the



When the sunlight come

On airport , i was

without one single tear

just going to nowhere

that  was our love affair!


How about once was

a diamond earring

So bright!

But i want to know

all this years passed by and

i need

How did you went to

your chateau?.

Yes, how?

Because in

Dust was my heart  to


the diamond earrings

!once so BrightImage

And yes, i burned his passport! he he he!!!