The White Rose

once i thought i was a flower
diaphanous  petals sheer ~ i chose  to be  one Beautiful Day with flowers 2!!!! Rose~
just because i brought one to home



was not my  and was not given to me
even in that way
once  ~i thought i was a rose~

i placed her on my cup
and She lasted only two days
and i did not understand….



how i could last for so so short time
~and that day i died a little~
and i still continue to die

the fragrancy, the texture, the color
the shadows…  they  are in my life

shuffled like cards and  falling down


but i know i am not that rose ~  I always knew~
i have not that rouge center
and all petals spread out for anyone to  see

that absorb and absorb
i am not  so white…..


Put it all down with the wrong lenses! Day 29

black rose1Put a green lens

let me chose my glasses, please? Can I?
and I went through as well, knocking down
stepping old peels
shedding the leaves
taking away my petals

“Bem me quer, Mal me Quer”

totally alienated!

Daisies are white!
But i can’t see

leafless while the time pass
And I feel ~ that anger~
arousing my  Rose inside
finally i see the Red

completely ready for that!

i cant not denied myself!