Com acúcar e com afeto!!!!

Sung by:
Nara Leão and Chico Buarque

With sugar and affection
I made your favorite candy
for you stay at home

Oh! How
With your more beautiful suit you go out, i do not believe
When you say you’ll do not delay

You say you are a worker
Goes in search of wage
To be able to support myself

Oh! How
On the way at the work
There is a bar on every corner
For you celebrate
I do not know what

I know someone will sit down together
You will talk to kill the time
discussing football

And staring the skirts
Of those who live by the beaches
Colorful by the sun

Come evening and another sip
I know happy ‘ma non troppo’
You’ll want to sing

in a matchbox a new friend playing an old samba

For you remember

When night finally tired you
You come like a child
To cry my forgiveness

Ih! what
Tell me not to be sorry
Says that will change our lives
To please my heart

And when i see you so tired
Battered and bruised
Still wanted to annoy me

Oh! what
soon i’ll warm your diner
I kiss your portrait
And open my arms to you