The Minuano took my Soul….

The Minuano blew hard these days
while I was still breathing warm

~as the cold ~  always precedes the cold and win
~It went away~ taking   my little steam soul

undulating in the air,  losing herself  in little drops….

   as water tea_kettle

 in a  boiling kettle
just whirling in the air
tasteless and odorless

Rising ~ capriciously  ~ to pour  into  rain~


Minuano or simply minuano Wind is the name given to the  current air  that typically affects the Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná. It’s a cold wind of polar origin (Atlantic polar air mass), occurs after the passage of cold fronts of fall and winter, usually after rain.  Wikipedia.

Seasons Time

Seasons time are for lonely hearts

they think about spring
it is coming with good things
they thought if summer arrives
will bring some sunshine to their lifesnowy gateBut the Poet season comes and
autumn … is  someone , something that gone away
long, long time ago

and what is important goes away so quickly

Season’s thoughts are for sad Poets
measuring their life in slices of time

reaping feelings, undone love, tears drops
in front a snowy gate

what we  must do?

if cold is a place where all is stolen from us
If winter is the best  harvest season
and comes ravenous against our souls

Hate Me! Love me!

hate and lovewhen

The  night wake me up cold as ice

stretching its grips over my pillow

rustling ~ pain,  sweetness sounds~

i am so confortable welcome
on my room


there, you Hate me

i melted myself  being  able

in several tiny drawers

to hide , dusty  woman ~ a  outsider ~

dividing me – tearing  me in pieces –

no blood, no sound, discreet

i think i don’t fit in so much darkness

(don’t know if is

the  space or me)

even that way

one sickly ravishment alight on me!

let me enjoy  on it, in  my somber soul
when I passed by you  in white clouds ~ you are ~
when you passed by me just

a stranger with nothing to give

hate me like that! Just a bit!

Secret Lullaby – day 22


Balu Balu, Lilith-by
come and take my soul
if i not dream tonight
you can do anything  at all

My cradle is shelter of your hands
Balu Balu, Lilith-by
leave this soul alone
forget your infant body

I still pray my religious songs
Balu Balu, Lilith-by
choral of hands singing I mourn
Secrets in  Lullaby, stay away your breath of me

Poetry consummating by love

amor, letras e poesia love consummate by words
words that i presume
sparkling in a black that
comes from the white
of your paints

my pain!

or scrambled hands move
suddenly, in the end of love

oscilating in front of me
with sounds, fears
maybe tears

Have you stole it from who?

my consumed soul?
when letters showed up
and i was deceased,
exhaling my last breath!

Oh! my loneliness ,

that is why my spirit was made for


of night and day

fell tiny drops of black

pouring in my head

Oh! make my suffering less

with crumbled letters

a mere breath, the last

my poetry consummating by love

Legend of Untrue! ~me and Unwritten Soul~

Comfort my soul
By listening the voice
Your softness so tender
But only just an old legend
A lie told in tales
I found and lost
In innocent mind
Once I remembered
But now I’ve forgotten
Let it burned, burned in time
A legend of untrue by you

How many sounds
One lie can be interpreted
For later have to be elucidated
In front your eyes

Too weak under your lies
Ashamed, i cry

Twist your lies
Around your tongue
Making words trapting smiles
With tricks hidden behind teeth
As much you say love me in a kiss
Fooled again for another myth
Perhaps fool is myself
Your lips are softest knife
Sharp enough cut my chest
Stealing my love away
After breaking my heart
Unreturned and wasted
Bruises marked, unhealed
And pains written in scars
Remind me a tale by you
About A legend of untrue

How many round
One lie can be recycled
For later have to be realised
In front your eyes

Ashamed, i cry
I was fooled
Not again

How many faces i skipped
To hide my all inside
from you and past
Not to awake
Blame you not
As fool is me to believe you
But you remembering my pain
Your forgiveness still remain
Just put me far distant
From another myth
Love in lies
To be told

Dont be my misery
Be now my mercy
Just forget me
For who i am
what i was
To you

Release me
From A Legend of Untrue
A myth in a kiss by you

………………………………….. …………………………………………. ………………..

Note: This is a write, a collaboration between me and Unwritten Soul
And a gift from him to me!