Freddy Krueger Bang

i have no time to sleep
even to dream or have a nightmare
inside my head
has a knot of skeletal fractures

they talk with me and shake your bracelets
calls itself FreddySee-you-in-your-dreams-a-nightmare-on-elm-street-16217430-800-600
and whisper when i dare to fall
and bang bang i am in the floor

promising to me to turn into a Krueger flash
and another
BANG in my head
i open my eyes in suffering

~skeletal- bones~ shaking my bed
and the drums announcing FRED
make me terrified
in this painful and lonely nigh

Three Floors

casa infancia1 Three Floors

M Morgan ~

They lived on the third floor
They slept on the second floor
in the first floor waiting

where they lived attacked
where they slept sang bad lullaby
where they waiting they could do nothing

through the first door
climb the stairs
she was captured!

at day they hid out
at night tormented
she ran at dawn

They were real
disembodied but with voices
lifeless but energy

black and gray
terrified girl
swallowed his body

Girl falls, bleeding
not walk
not eating

girl did not grow
until one day
girl fled

Where’s Girl?
Girl missing?
OH! The four windows of the third floor!!

Secret Lullaby Balu Balu, Lilith-by come and take

Secret Lullaby

Balu Balu, Lilith-by
come and take my soul
if i not dream tonight
you can’t do nothing at all

My cradle is shelter of your hands
Balu Balu, Lilith-by
leave this soul alone
forget your infant body

I still pray my religious songs
Balu Balu, Lilith-by
choral of hands singing I mourn

Secrets in Lullaby, stay away your breath of me

Published November 21, 2012Image