The Orange Tree…

i thought she would not get in my memory
but there She is…. the remembering of my Orange Tree

when i was green and free ~ inside ~
and i used to sit down below her sinous feet

all that is fresh and good came out from my Orange Tree
the smell , the open form, the way how She moves up on the hill
almost playing with me… helped by the wind to give more grace
and my enchanted eyes to applaud

~such purity~

you can watch when you are ready
a pause inside and the most beautiful show ~could start~
one branch, sometimes touch your face
a glitter, thousands of sparkles
a caress if you dare to feel it
all scents in the world involves
you flooding you
if you dare ~to plunge~

~such rebirth~

All this comes from my Orange Tree…
green , tall and whatever you expect
and all changes ~ for you and around you~

the mysterious scent the magnificent ballet
a feast to any soul… if you want and stop there to feel
to fill you of faith …on men…on humanity ….on your own  God

It is just a tree….but you just right now….have yours
inside your living roommy orange tree

To me it is just my memory of one special
Orange Tree….


Enfleurage is an old process to extract the scent and soul of flowers.


he touched me with invisible hands
and sniffed me from far away
as i was a bouquet of flowers
as i was a scent ~ intense~in a garden

i walked carelessly dressed with the trees
inside the green and dark
clouded and safe
he stopped me as he swirled around me

and all my leafs were shaken
a whirlwind of green and dark blue
was coming out of me
i was a simple glossy leaf

Again, just to remember…..

he ask me ~just one drop from yours body~
~it is all i need to go away~
and lifted up his nose
resting already on my chest

I opened my flower and i gave to him one petal
when one single drop rolled down of my breast
smelling of fear ~ smelling of love~
he save it on your tongue and no more to say
he just swirled again and left me away

from my garden…from my scent….




The girl of the tree!

~they loved her~

in a large farmhousemenina da árvore
with shady trees in the backyard
on the oldest of them
they tied her
with thick silver chains

by foot

~ for a hundred years~

one who that passed through the sidewalk
one who that entered in the garden
left some gifts under the tree
for her

~she was happy there~
until she died

(all good things in earth has an end)

they set gemstones in her fetters
each one to  beg favors
none  accepted

grass~ became golden hair~
tree ~said strange things~
wind ~sang~

all you had to do is
lie down and listen…..

they all loved her!

Where i settled my heart!

you are a  watcher of your own story. You lie under a tree real or not ~ you can always choose ~ see the  good and evil, falling in drops on your face. And think that here under this tree would be a good place to settle down your heartcropped-pandora-box2.jpg

hovering upon me

a big Ash Tree

as i  lay down looking up

but ashes that drops on my face
dont bother me

but the trees always showing
the best path to go
i knowing
I am not good enough
for follow that incinerated vision

Just another heart burned
touching my face

dropping of the older branches

tardy, indolent

as ash must be ……

and all of them  were  there
picking and chosing

wishing for something that i had
the rest of greys
where  was my settled heart