Unfinished Love

while my Guitar Gently Weeps - partitura

She has a strange name
that initiate a spark

(ensures peace to his unending love)

unknown hands strum
a desirable body

(always in disguise…a love surrounded by )

leaving inside her heart
heavy words ~ fighting ~ to keep himself away

for not appears at the surface

that is what lies down by your side
at night, alone ~when you think~



Hello Stranger ….


Foreign, Foreign ~They are announcing your Name~
you make me laugh
I make you blush ~ in response~Hello Stranger!
don’t worries sailor
we are sailing in the middle of sea and wind
and my kisses are the announcement of my departure
(when i write to a stranger) ….
maybe my kisses one day
crushed ~by the palm of your hands~
could become welcome
so i’ll keep making you blush
and you keep making me laugh

He Fed me….


he fed me with words

what a delicate stomach that i have
such lovely skills he has

and the words ~ before ~so untied
now have a body and  breathe

my breast arched like a bow
my breath so silently ~ rested ~


repeat an echo on my heart
feeling  at the beginning

that was a soft  blowing
no, no ~a murmur~ insisting


saying what i can’t explainpeaches

a punch … makes me pull the air
while  i inhale scent  of fruits

and i tilt myself again
not as an arch but as a woman

what a sophisticated love is that

food me with his words  and breathing  me  as his air


Lost words

Lost words

it seems i lost my words
cof cof, sorry …
they are hanging on a tree
and don’t matter which is the size

~the time ~

my words, my inspiration
they are leafs now
but not in autumn because they never fall on me
i see a flowering, red …beating….but not in my coeur
not in my heart, not falling down to me
just hovering over my head
Hello i am here….
cof cof

1/2 Boutelle du Vin! Day 9 napowrimo



When i opened my first boutelle du vin
you was on your second round
like you said: a slight and dusty bottle
But you sip your full wineglass so pleasently!

Telling me nonsense words of love
I talk some advantage of you

Asking you about your past
how many loves i have to ask.

But you are not 2 Chardonnais still
Rich, full-bodied and voluptuous!
and stare me with your liquid rouge look
just when are 1 bottle and twoo!


Like the red blood the vintage told
arounds my head your sweet voice flows
such a sly wisp fo Mona Lisas coy grin
you look me up and size again

If then we make sure a toast
to your love lets give the most
to cross the bridges; oceans and air
A Chadornnay sip; a smile care!

Contributing Poet: TA Robinson