Writing and Forgetting

my forgettingwhen or if i remember
all  is  so blurred and you are the past
because you forgot….i did too

and because poets can easily forget
always has another word…another pen
just some trace on the path

trails of crumbs……. for someone to remember

I go writing and forgetting at same time

leaving behind with my words
a bunch of feelings, love and tears…

a life to be forgotten

in a paper….

writing and forgetting


i turning myself in an aquatic ink form
like a mixed watercolor’s palettes
all colors on my mind… with my hands

until…i dont know
until the next poem….

I think….

He & She 2 day napowrimo

nenuferes. MonetHE..
wanted a sweet reek
of honey bee
succulent, yellow, bright in those insane nights

lost in that viscous, thick liquid

he delight yourself…alone
sniffing, deeply, licking softly

prolonging his painful heartbeat
so attractive and suddenly changing the color

mixed with a sense of inbred hate, frustration
addicted in a shell, stuck in a cage…..

but sweet at the end….


smelling as limonade
green, liquid, transparent

diving in dreams, in poetry and love
wrapped in ink, canvas, brushes
being alchemist trying to reach
the perfect damp ….the moist

the end

what that mix can be?

Blamed and shamed

in  between…in the middle
dwell a hidden desire
working nervously~against my will~

i can feel..

thousands of fibers and nerves
waiting for something that i cant give

a relief…

Oh i  just need a little…. a little time to  forget
a  women apart from yourself
a  desire

in between… in the middle

telling me to lie there
a call so strong…i cant say no…

for  you or  for the  others ~i have to ask~

where do i linger for a while
no soul
for be blaming
no feelings
for be shamed

Starry_Night_Over_the_Rhonebut i have a soul and possibly  for be blamed….

but now i stop my words for a while
or forever
my pen i know …. was not all in vain…..
a beat ~ of fears ~  holds my left hand
dont try….she  said
but i cant hear anymore

i write…..

Learning Fast Poetess!

i was thinking like poetry can be more than all. More than you, me,  more than a pleasurable  book. How poetry has changed me and make me a better person. A beautiful person. More confident , more sensual and open to life. I have no more fears. I left them behind.Its logical that i suffer still but when pains comes i always have your words my words and all poetry on the world.

Is a New World for me. Not so new, because  dwells on me since  i was born.That madness by the letters and rhymes.  I recognize that feelings. Feel  that  my whole life. Just needed  a push. A endless push. That keeps going and dragging  me. Thanks God!

I have improving myself.  Each tears i drop. Each disappointing i have. Each ache that touch my heart. I am better. I am stronger. I am a Learning Fast Poetess

.All my life i learned so many things.and fast!Image. For what? Talk many languages, or write very well or be the first on each prove that i have to do?

For What?? Be the best with a solitaire heart? That nobody could reach?

No, not anymore!

I have  one love, yes. Bigger than other love that i had. So fall in love for me like me to him, So welcome and warm like a kiss  of a man. I have poetry. She dry my tears, comfort me in bad moments and is true to me all the time. Forgive my sins and make strong!

then to whom should I thank?