Fertile Ground

Chartres 616 Once a farmer
always a good sower
dropping of branches of the pines trees
there was the seed!

how tiny and succulent was the fruit
from that tree
one ~ among ~
others, served between a cup of hot tea

that remain as an empty capsule
petrified inside the walls of the Great home Symbol

the fruits falling down
wasted on the ground
resisting at the wind and the well too
~ waiting ~
in a lent memory of nature

despair also exists
to lay claim her hands
even she, never asking for help
its the nature of brothers

and had a mother and father and some other people
crying there!
The seed getting rid

mirror of water
just a shallow intention
on that fertile ground!

8 thoughts on “Fertile Ground

  1. More raw emotion from you poetess; you paint with words and not a brush, a sad truth. Lots of stained glass in this world, shedding only a little light, leaving everything else in darkness; I say break every window, open every door, paint your masterpiece, word by word, in the light. Keep writing! And, when you’re ready, something amazing will come from your brush too?


    • I hope so. My paints dried up and i need new brushes too and inspiration to paint again!!!! More and more is hard face the white canvas, But i will try. Thanks for your spontaneous comment. It means a lot !!!!!


  2. For those who don’t know Mirna was given away by her family at the age of three to a farmer . She was raised there and never was reunited as family .In this piem Mirna seeds and sprouts and the fruit she has now
    to bear .


  3. Have seen many seeds grow with time, some upon fertile ground, others between the cracks of a rocky crag on a mountainside, all still reach for the sun, some brave to each challenge, to climb higher in the atmosphere, to find their waters to living. Loved the poem, Mirna!


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